Monday, 23 January 2012

Guess Who's Coming To Dinner

Back in the good old days when I had a full-time job and salary (i.e. a month ago), I would indulge in a little harmless daydreaming and procrastination. Now that I am self-employed, motivation and go-getter-ness are vital.  But I still find myself trawling Twitter, Facebook and my own imagination for distractions from work.  The latest subject to divert my attention is thus: who would I invite to my perfect dinner party?  I gave no consideration to realism in this endeavour, other than how many people I can physically fit around my table.

Paloma Faith

It goes without saying that this singer/actress would arrive wearing something outlandish and eye-catching. I read in an interview somewhere that she is a huge fan of Milan Kundera, so I imagine she could explain to me what his books are actually about, and maybe even treat us to a rendition of "Upside Down" before the night is over.

Matt Smith (As the Eleventh Doctor)

I know he's fictional. But is Paloma Faith showing up for dinner any more realistic, really? The Doctor would make an ideal dinner guest; he could regale us with tales of exploding suns, hostile aliens and other wacky adventures. Also, he has a time machine, so there is no excuse for turning up late.
Truman Capote

Alrighty then, if I can invite a fictional character to dinner, then who's to say I can't bring back the dead? Capote would have a withering one-liner prepared for any topic of conversation, and undoubtedly would have a thing or two to say about his fellow guests... Behind their backs, of course.
Shappi Khorsandi

Who doesn't love to be told a joke or two over dinner? Shappi Khorsandi has a winning smile and is downright hilarious, which would nicely fill those uncomfortable gaps between courses.

Robert Sheehan

His boyish charisma and cheeky Irish brogue (not to mention his foul mouth) evoked a young Cillian Murphy and won over legions of fans in sci-fi hit Misfits.  I reckon he'd have us in stitches over dessert, reciting some reliably filthy limericks.

So there we have it; my five imaginary dinner guests.  Who would you choose?  Let me know in the comments.

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