Sweet Tooth

"Everybody wants to be loved; it is the nature of the beast."

Sweet Tooth dives under the skin of the twenty-first century animal to bring you stories of love, loss, desire and revenge.  An unearthed diary yields terrible secrets; a lonely young man tells a lie that spirals out of control; a trip to Italy goes horribly wrong for two lovers, and a little girl hears screams from the house next door... 
At times funny and poignant, at others chilling and provocative, 'Sweet Tooth' is Philip Ellis's page-turning debut collection of fictional tales that will leave you wanting more.

These wonderful book bloggers have posted independent reviews.  Read an extract from each review below, then click on the reviewer name to read the full thing:

"I utterly loved this book and read it in one sitting from beginning to end; as soon as I'd finished one story, I simply had to read the next and the next until I'd devoured the whole thing." Jemima Valentino (ARC)

"Philip Ellis's anthology of 16 short tales is a satisfying read. He has written something for everyone to devour." aobibliophile™ (ARC)

"I find it amazing that in just a few short pages, a story can be created that causes me to lose sleep!" Barb Drozdowich at Sugarbeat's Books (Part of Indie Reads Appreciation Week)

Read an exclusive extract from The Girlfriend , one of sixteen short stories included in "Sweet Tooth".

Release Date: Out Now

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