Flash Fiction

#1 Neverland
Wendy and Peter grew up. He went off to war, she got left behind.

#2 Stormy Weather
A tryst, a storm, and some rather awkward small talk.

#3 Dirty Pretty Things
Extract from a now defunct novella entitled Camille.

#4 Chocolate
"I remember a sweetness."

#5 The Flood
It's not about Japan, or Katrina.  But it could be.

#6 Belonging
"I'm luckier than most runaways."

#7 Two Minutes
After the end of the world, a girl finds herself in trouble.

#8 A Senseless Crime
"She smells like the rain."

#9 Miracle Cures
The carnival comes to town.

#10 English Rose
Beware girls bearing gifts.

#11 The Imaginary Café
A psychological fairy tale.

#12 Poppet
She made him from twigs, straw, and a lock of hair.

#13 Battle Cry Of The Ginger Stepchild
Beware of the devil's red hair.

#14 Mab
Saying "I don't believe in faeries" won't save you.

#15 Solstice
An alternative to Glastonbury.

#16 Rehab
Make me good, God. But not yet.

#17 Happy Hour 
Seth and Mallory are back. Sequel to "Rehab".

#18 Saint Pris
The Lovecraftian Lady Gaga.

#19 Midnight
Ray would do anything for Carla Crane.

#20 A Cup Of Warm Sake
"Nobody likes to be rude, not when there's a chance of coitus in the air."

#21 Juliet 2.0
The greatest love story ever (re)told.

#22 Face Of The New World 
Like it or not, Daisy Wyatt has become the cover girl for an entire planet.

#23 Personal Effects 
Eliza Brink is not having a very good day.

#24 Some Scenes Have Been Created For Your Entertainment
A day in the life of reality TV starlet Annabel.

#25 Rain Dance
"It is true, your union has made the gods weep."