Saturday, 28 January 2012

The Creepiest Title For A Romance Novel EVER (And Other Happenings)

My best friend Chloe and I have a weekly tradition. We visit my mum's cafe in Wellington, Shropshire, for free coffee, and then go for a leisurely stroll around the market, usually spending about an hour in the labyrinthine bookstall. It is a more dangerous pastime than you might expect, as the paperbacks are stacked so high that one wrong move could bury you. This weekend we updated our tradition to include bookstall bingo, a game in which participants must find the most inappropriately amusing book title. Chloe was the winner on this occasion, spotting a novel by the name of Fanny By Gaslight. However, I stumbled across a book that deserves an award all of its own: that of Creepiest Title For A Romance Novel.
Disturbing, non?
Other events of note this week/end:
  • Lana Del Rey finally released her debut album Born To Die, meaning the world is now able to base its opinion of her on more than two songs, a lousy Saturday Night Live appearance and gallons of Internet vitriol.
  • I got to wondering what Doctor Who companion Amy Pond might have to say about her unconventional family unit if she ever made an appearance on daytime television. The result of this pondering is an article that can be found at Huffington Post UK: "5 TV Families Who Need Jeremy Kyle".
  • Yet another celebrity fell victim to the now-infamous Twitter "death hoax" this week. "RIP Cher" trended worldwide on Friday 27th January, despite it being a widely known fact that Cher has a portrait in her attic that prevents her from dying.
  • And finally, via Funny Or Die, a glimpse at what a Sabrina The Teenage Witch reunion might look like...

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