Thursday, 23 June 2011

True Blood: 5 "OMG" Moments

In anticipation of the upcoming fourth season of True Blood, I've been rewatching season three.  And it struck me that while True Blood has been an incredibly over-the-top show from the very beginning regarding sex and violence, the writers really did up the ante when it came to "did they just do that?" moments in their third year.  Below are my top picks, including a few from the first and second seasons.  Beware: spoilers may lie ahead for viewers who are not entirely up to date.

5. Amy Shows Her Dark Side (Season 1)
Lizzie Kaplan could never be a villain, could she?  The character of Amy was a sweet hippie, with a fondness for V (that's vampire blood, for those not in the know).  This addiction led Amy and Jason to the door of Lafayette's vampire supplier, where she proceeded to attack him with silver and persuaded Jason to help her kidnap him.  Then she staked him.  Ironic then, that she was murdered by Rene for "loving vampires"...

4. Party Over At Maryann's! (Season 2)
Maryann Forrester, played with equal parts serenity and wildness by Michelle Forbes, was introduced late in the first season as a saviour figure to troubled Tara.  The second season saw a much different side to her, as her mere presence seemed to exert a bacchanalian influence over the residents of Bon Temps.  Watching her first house party descend into a primal, animalistic orgy made for bizarre viewing indeed.

3. Eric Seduces Talbot... Then Kills Him (Season 3)
I had to pick my jaw up off the floor several times during these scenes.  Fans knew by this point that Eric was playing a game, trying to get close to Russell Edgington and his lover Talbot in order to exact revenge on Russell for killing his family.  His method of vengeance was creative, twisted, and hot as hell.  The extended foreplay was one of the most erotic shown (which is saying something for True Blood), and the violent death at the end was incredibly brutal to watch.  It also offered up about a dozen different "impaling" puns.

2. Russell Makes The Evening News (Season 3) 
Driven mad by Talbot's death, Russell wreaks havoc.  In this fictional universe, of course, vampires are publicly acknowledged American citizens, although their rights are often disputed.  Russell throws the Vampire Rights Movement into chaos when he RIPS OUT THE SPINE of a news anchor live on air.  His perfect following line, "and now the weather, Tiffany", rounded off a sublime scene.

1. Bill and Lorena Have At It (Season 3)
When it comes to sex, True Blood likes to push the envelope.  And by push the envelope, I mean embrace the crazy.  By the time Bill comes face to face in season three with his Maker, the bunny boiler Lorena, we've already seen him reject her numerous times.  He loves Sookie, doesn't he?  Clearly, then, the whole being kidnapped thing has frustrated him massively, as he proceeds to have aggressive hate-sex with Lorena.  As if this wasn't weird enough, he then twists her neck 180 degrees, so he doesn't have to look at her.  What can I say; sex with the ex is never a good idea.


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