Thursday, 9 June 2011

Dream Casting For The Carrie Remake

Hollywood, in its infinite, money-spinning wisdom, has decided to once again flog the dead horse that is Stephen King's breakout debut novel, despite or perhaps because of a hugely popular 1970s adaptation starring Sissy Spacek.  The less said about its loose "Generation X" sequel and TV pilot the better.  While I remain undecided as to whether this is a good idea or not (film versions of King's work vary greatly in quality), it was interesting to give a little thought to who might be suitable for the role of Carrie White, the victim of cruel bullying who exacts revenge with her telekinetic powers.

Below are my top picks.

Lindsay Lohan: This name, believe it or not, has already come up on the net as a possibility.  While LiLo has become more famous for her court appearances and personal life recently than she has for her film work, a teen horror flick might be just what she needs to get her career back on track, or at least regain some of the pop culture clout she achieved with Mean Girls.  I'm thinking update the story to a university or apartment building so that she doesn't appear too old for the part, and lay on the sexual tension as Carrie is torn between her wish to conform and her secret crush on Sue Snell (that's not a spoiler, I just totally made it up).

Kristen Stewart: Hear me out! While I find K-Stew wholly unappealing in the Twilight films, I feel that has more to do with the cardboard cut-out of a character she is being forced to play.  Rewind a few years to her role as awkward teenager Lucy in the indie drama In The Land Of Women, and you start to get a glimpse of what she might be capable of.  Plus she has horror experience with The Messengers, and the Carrie franchise would attract her built-in Twilight fanbase.  So think on that, Hollywood.

Kaya Scodelario: Better known as Effy Stonem in the first four seasons of British drama Skins, Kaya Scodelario could perfectly embody the skinny, vulnerable Carrie.  She'd bring in the trendy young crowd, and as she's shown in the role of Effy, she can swing from "mystery girl" to "tortured psychopath" with ease.  In fact, why not shift the entire story to an arts college in Bristol and show her wreaking supernatural havoc on her hipster classmates?  I for one would pay for that ticket.

Jessica Stroup: Famous for playing the pixie-like, bipolar Silver in 90210, Stroup has an otherworldly charm - and looks a hell of a lot like a young Mia Kirschner.  She's young enough to be believable as a teenage girl struggling with the burgeoning power brought on by a late and traumatic puberty, and the rest of the cast could be peppered with pretty Beverly Hills faces.

Jennifer Lawrence: Having proven her acting chops in the Oscar-nominated Winter's Bone and wowed fanboys as misfit Raven in the X-Men reboot, Lawrence is certainly flavour of the month.  If she could fit in the role of Carrie amongst her Hunger Games commitments, she'd be a sure-fire box office draw - and she has enough talent to carry what would otherwise undoubtedly be a terrible and unoriginal rehash.

Who do you think would make the best Carrie White for the 2010s?  Feel free to submit your own suggestions in the comments below.


  1. I'd vote for Kaya. And I think you should write the script :)

  2. I would bloody LOVE to write the script for this thing! Although if I had to pick a Stephen King novel to adapt I think I'd choose Gerald's Game - it would be a claustrophobic, 127 Hours-style affair.


  3. All of these girls are too pretty. In 1974, when the film was made, it was still conceivable that a freckle faced red head would be bullied for being different (my own mother a good example). If they want to do this thing right, they'll have to cast someone who you'd believe COULD be tormented- that's why the original worked. Even without makeup, these girls are all too "girl-next-door", and Lindsay Lohan? Seriously?

  4. And Saorise Ronan is my pick. Cute enough for the prom scene(s), but not so cute that the film would fall apart. They'll go young with casting anyhow (especially if they're considering Hailee Steinfeld), and I think Saorise's proven she's got chops.