Wednesday, 28 December 2011

The Boxing Day Murders - Epilogue

It's New Year's Day. The snow has finally been cleared enough to make a path for the guests and their cars to make a speedy escape. We all share the feeling that to dwell another night in Bedford Manor would be tempting fate. Danielle is among the most disheartened:
"Typical," I hear her say to Penny. "I finally meet a man of substance, and he turns out to be a maniac."
"Better luck next year," Penny says, "I suggest we stay in London, though."
Alice accompanies me back to the station, driven by Warwick. I notice as we fill the boot of the car that she carries a suitcase of her own.
"So what are your plans now?" I ask.
"Well, my employer recently died," she says, "so I suppose I'm at something of a loose end."
"If it's work you need, I know a firm in London that could make use of your talents."
Alice grins.
"Lead the way."
As we leave Bedford Manor in the car, there is not a single spirit in sight. Alice leans into me, and I put an arm around her, and we spend the journey to the station in thoughtful silence.
I hope that Kit and his mother can be finally reunited. I pray that poor Sylvie finds the peace she never had in life. And I know that Baxter and Bess are hosting the party to end all parties, wherever they are.

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