Friday, 13 May 2011


Some things that happened this week:
I discovered the new and fairly useless talent of squirting liquid out of my nostrils.
I finished the fantastic Started Early, Took My Dog by Kate Atkinson and started Dancing Jax, a new novel by Robin Jarvis.
I decided that if/when I write my life story, its title will be The Philiad.
We learned that our kitten Baby is having six kittens of her own. It's the feline equivalent of "16 and Pregnant".
I edited "Broken", a new story by Jemima Valentino. Keep an eye out for it on Smashwords.
I unearthed a half-finished horror story that I began over two years ago, and am now having a crack at making it readable.
I came across the best link in the entire world: a blog dedicated to writers and their cats -
I found out that in less than a month I will be eligible to upgrade to an iPhone. I should not be as excited as I am.

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